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Certified Family Law Specialist & Expert Mediator

“Law must be stable,” said American legal scholar Roscoe Pound. “Yet it cannot stand still.”

“When I needed a lawyer for my divorce and custody case, I was at the time a lawyer myself, working for a local bar association. Through my job, I was familiar with the work of over one hundred San Francisco family lawyers, and for me, the choice was clear.
Cheryl Sena was the best family lawyer I knew and when I called her, I felt fortunate that she was available when I needed her help. Her supportive, positive attitude helped me through this difficult time and I was very happy with the results of my case – she was aggressive when necessary and exceeded all of my initial expectations for custody and support, as well as for the division of our marital property.”

—K.M., San Francisco

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In today’s fast-moving society, the ability to provide rock-solid advice while keeping up with day-to-day changes that affect average families is key. Meet Cheryl Sena – family law specialist.

For nearly three decades, San Francisco family attorney Cheryl Sena has brought her sharp analytical mind, compassionate practice and up-to-date research to bear on hundreds of cases impacting the many communities of the Bay Area and beyond.

Recipient of the “Northern California Super Lawyer Award” in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, Sena understands that the relationship between client and attorney is one both personal and professional.

Whether your needs involve family law and litigation, marital property issues, collaborative law questions or Domestic Partnership, Cheryl Sena is ready to serve.

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