Family Law Attorney With 30 Years Of Experience

At Sena Family Law in San Francisco, our job is providing expertise with peace of mind. Our lawyer strives to give our customers a comprehensive range of legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce — Divorce is a legal proceeding that ends a marriage or registered domestic partnership. The process may be complicated, but we can guide you through every step. While some families may be able to go through the process on their own, other families with more complicated situations will require legal representation. We can provide that representation.
  • Same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships — Family law attorney Cheryl A. Sena is a highly respected resource for individuals seeking assistance with LGBT family law matters. Dissolving same-sex marriages and registered domestic partnerships is a legal proceeding. Some people can do it themselves, but any complications call for skilled legal assistance. Sena Family Law has had numerous years of experience working with the problems facing same-sex couples and can help manage many of the unique pitfalls, including taxes and retirement.
  • Child custody — There is nothing more fraught with emotion than figuring out how to come up with a custody arrangement that meets both the parents' needs as well as the child's. We can help you do this.
  • Support — Going from two households to one while not increasing income can create significant stress for a family. Spousal support/alimony attempts to provide the less advantaged spouse with necessary funds for living expenses. The support calculation needs to provide both a realistic and fair payment so that each part of the family can have the best possibility of success. We also assist with establishing, enforcing and modifying child and spousal support obligations.
  • Attorney fees — Starting litigation can be daunting and expensive. However, the law allows for the court to order one party to contribute to the other party's attorney fees and costs.
  • Asset division — Dividing the family residence, the family business, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other assets of value requires sensitive and intelligent advocacy, which we can provide.
  • Mediation — Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution and is a way for families to resolve their disputes without court intervention. Oftentimes, clients can go through mediation with the assistance of an attorney. Ms. Sena provides both support for clients going through mediation with the assistance of an attorney as well as doing the actual mediation for other clients.
  • Prenuptial agreements — While not romantic, a good prenuptial agreement can allow parties prior to marriage to fully discuss how they want to handle their money and other financial matters. We can assist in drafting those agreements.

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