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Collaboration: a better way for California couples to divorce

Even in the most amicable of situations, divorce is never easy. In order to mitigate the complications of this process and potentially avoid the stress and cost of litigation, some California couples may look for alternatives to a high-stakes court battle in order to resolve their divorce-related disputes. 

Like mediation, the collaborative divorce process offers couples the opportunity to work through issues outside of the courtroom. When both parties are equally engaged in this process, it can result in a final arrangement that is more sustainable and beneficial for every member of the family. Collaborative divorce is not the best choice for every divorcing couple, but it could be a positive option for you. 

Negotiating a divorce settlement may make your split-up easier

It is natural to feel out of sorts both emotionally and financially when going through the divorce process. However, divorce mediation can help you take back control of planning your own life. By negotiating a divorce settlement, which is an alternative to traditional litigation in the state of California, you can make informed decisions regarding your future when dealing with your child and your finances.

What are the steps in mediation?

Considering divorce mediation

Everyone has heard horror stories about a contested divorce and the unexpected judicial decisions or exorbitant costs. In mediation, both sides have a voice but it's brokered and mutual, focused on resolution instead of issuing an iron decree.

Matters to decide

Moving out of the marital home is often the easiest decision in a divorce. The hard part is agreeing on the division of assets and the child custody arrangement. Other than a checking account, most assets don't have easily divisible lines to be drawn down the center. Instead, there is negotiation: who gets the house, the retirement account, the car, even the dog.

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