Mediation Lets You Plan Instead Of Simply React

"Anger is a powerful motivator, but a poor strategist," wrote Rob Jones.

When we make life-changing decisions under the influence of anger, resentment or fear, the results can be extremely detrimental. Our future often suffers from the impact of such decisions. If we have children, they typically suffer too.

At Sena Family Law & Mediation Practice in San Francisco, we believe that one of the most significant benefits of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods is that they allow you to step back from the tumultuous emotions, put a halt to needless acrimony and actually strategize about how to proceed with life in the best way possible. Mediation increases the likelihood that parents will be able to co-parent kindly and provide the highest level of care to their children.

Mediation Lets You Craft Unique Solutions

Mediation and other ADR methods also allows you to craft divorce and custody solutions that are impossible when you leave the decisions up to a judge. For example, a judge may be required to award spousal support if you proceed to litigation.

If you choose mediation, however, you can potentially agree to trade spousal support payments for a larger share of the marital assets. Or, you may want to keep the house for a few years until your child graduates from high school. Or, you may want to travel out of the country with your children.

It's possible to craft agreements like this with mediation, but it's typically not an option with litigation.

Mediation Lets You Take Back Control Of Your Life

Instead of waiting passively on the sidelines while someone else makes the decisions, you have the opportunity to take control. For this reason, the resolutions that come through mediation or other ADR systems tend to be far more thoughtful, long-lasting and effective.

Coming to a resolution outside of the courtroom also tends to be less intimidating, and it gives you the ability to provide in-depth information and reach in-depth solutions. If you litigate the matter, you may only have 20 minutes in front of the judge, leading to rushed decisions based on limited information.

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