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Understand the mediation process before you begin

When a couple decides to end their marriage, it is a decision that will bring many significant changes to the lives of every member of the family. Every couple takes a different approach to their divorce, and for some, they choose to make this process as non-adversarial as possible. One of the ways a couple can do this is through the mediation process.

Mediation is not the right choice for every divorcing couple, but it could be the most beneficial decision for you. This process allows you to keep your divorce out of court, which offers your California family many benefits. Before you make any important decisions regarding your future, you would be wise to learn more about how the mediation process works and could work for your unique situation.

What will happen during mediation?

One of the key points to mediation over litigation is the fact that this process allows the divorce to reach its conclusion outside of the courtroom. This allows a couple to avoid stress and complications that often come with a litigious divorce battle, but it also affords some measure of control over the final outcome. When you make this choice, you can expect some of the following from the process:

  • Explanation of the expectations and rules of the mediation process presented by the neutral third-party mediator
  • Opportunity for each side to explain perspective on various divorce-related disputes
  • Discussions involving both sides regarding reasonable outcomes to individual disputes
  • Working with the mediator to reach negotiated solutions for every issue that must be addressed before the divorce can be final
  • Agreements reached are put in writing for inclusion in final divorce order

When a couple commits to the mediation process, they are resolving to keep their divorce out of court and work with the mediator to reach workable solutions. If the mediation process breaks down, the couple has the right to continue with litigation if they choose to do so.

A better way to divorce

Divorce is not easy, but there are ways you can ease the complications associated with this process. Mediation could work for you and your spouse, but it is smart for both sides to be fully aware of how mediation could work.

Mediation could actually shorten the time that a divorce case takes to complete, which, in turn, leads to a savings in divorce costs. In addition to saving you time and money, it also allows you a safe way to address specific concerns unique to your family.

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