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What is reasonable visitation, and do you have a say?

When things took a downhill turn in your marriage, you began to think that the road ahead may, at some point, include divorce. Like most good parents, you immediately worried about the impact such circumstances would have on your kids. For instance, would they have to move to a new neighborhood or attend some other school in California or another state, perhaps? The last thing you wanted to do was mess up your kids' lives, but you realized your marriage wasn't going to last a lifetime, as planned.

Crafting a prenuptial agreement that protects you long-term

No one in California enters a marriage thinking that it will eventually end in divorce. However, divorce is a possibility, and it is smart to protect your interests before you get married. This is possible with a prenuptial agreement. If you are engaged, you would be wise to consider how a prenuptial agreement could be beneficial for you and your future interests.

Understand the mediation process before you begin

When a couple decides to end their marriage, it is a decision that will bring many significant changes to the lives of every member of the family. Every couple takes a different approach to their divorce, and for some, they choose to make this process as non-adversarial as possible. One of the ways a couple can do this is through the mediation process.

Collaboration: a better way for California couples to divorce

Even in the most amicable of situations, divorce is never easy. In order to mitigate the complications of this process and potentially avoid the stress and cost of litigation, some California couples may look for alternatives to a high-stakes court battle in order to resolve their divorce-related disputes. 

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